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I too, have been looking for SMC. I became a member way back in the 70's and have not been able to locate them.

Although I have not been on the site for quite awhile, I should be able to get in touch with what was my main Company to buy my wholesale products from. Nothing has ever been said that I know of. And what happened to Tom Bosley? He couldn't say anthing about this whole mess?

Guess he can't be trusted either. And I always thought highly of him! Gueess you njust never know anymore. But I still would like to know something!!!

HELP!!! hstubenrod@aol.com

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Louisville, Kentucky, United States #956176

I did find out they changed the name to,

Smart Living Company. 800-345-4762 or 310-529-5122. Don't no if numbers work yet, haven't tried them yet.

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